Best Gold Sweet 16 Dresses

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Best Gold Sweet 16 Dresses

Our gold sweet 16 dresses are the most beautiful dresses in the world. The one thing that instantly comes to mind upon hearing gold is ‘Greek Goddesses’. This is probably because, over the years, the representation of Greek Goddess inspiration has consistently been in the form of an excess of gold color palette along with a lot of drapes and layers of fabric. So while the world defines sweet sixteen with bright pinks, reds and greens in princess silhouettes, we suggest you take a different approach for your ‘sweet sixteen’ dress and opt for a gold one; that too inspired by the Greek silhouettes.

Whether it is the mainstream fashion department stores such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor or other retailers and manufacturers all over the US in cities such as California City, New York, Georgia, Los Angeles, Vegas or San Francisco, Gold Sweet sixteen dresses are abundantly available. All you need to do is dig a little deeper and opt for silhouettes that resemble the historic Greek fashion. Our gold sweet 16 dresses our known to make you even more beautiful.

gold sweet 16 dresses

To help you make the right choice faster, we have come up with three of the best Gold Sweet Sixteen Dresses you can choose from.

Long Draped Gold Sweet Sixteen Dress

This one broadly falls in the category of fit and flare dresses, but with a modification. Where most of the fit and flare dresses have a fitted bodice with a pleated skirt with the pleats going down to the floor, this one has the pleats heavily draped and tucked together at the back waist. Such a simple modification to a normal fit and flare dress renders it the much desired ‘Greek Goddess’ appeal. The fitted bodice will balance off the heavy drapes at the bottom portion and will make it easier for you to carry this dress at your sweet sixteen party.

Short Draped Skirt Gold Sweet Sixteen Dress

If a longer draped skirt comes off as unmanageable to you and you wish to have a fashion-forward substitute to the classic Greek look, go for this short draped skirt sweet sixteen dress in gold. The skirt portion is similarly draped, from front to back, but it is much shorter; ending at the thighs. You can either go for symmetrical drapes that originate the center front and end at the center back. On the other hand, you can go for asymmetrical ones that originate on one side of the dress and go all around the front and back waist to be tucked at the originating point.

Asymmetrical Gold Sweet Sixteen Dress

This one allows you to experiment with the one off-shoulder classic Greek style. You can either opt for the simple asymmetrical style which has one shoulder sleeveless while the other is off-shoulder; or choose the more elaborate one where there are heavy drapes of fabric going down from one shoulder. Either way, the silhouette of the dress will not be too flared as it will hinder the impact of the drapes. You should ideally go for a body conscious silhouette so that the shoulder drapes find enough space to exude their Greek impact.

To bring more variety in your dress, check out the fall/winter 2016 gold sweet sixteen dress trends and have unique amalgamation of new trends with old inspirations. Remember, our gold sweet 16 dresses are the best dresses in the world!