Best Formal Dresses For Women

Are you about to say ‘I do’ anytime soon and haven’t bought a wedding gown yet? It’s quite understandable if you forgot to arrange something amidst the hustle and bustle for your big day. But you must have planned and dreamt about your wedding gown, right?

Formal dresses for women need equal attention and dedication because you can’t afford to miss out any detail, eventually letting the dress ruin any auspicious occasion. The same goes for wedding dresses because choosing them is not as simple as just heading towards a store and picking up something you just like!

However, you will never fall short on royal wedding dresses because there are hundreds of dress stores all over North America and South America that offer a variety of stunning wedding dresses for women. Some of the famous wedding dress stores in USA are David’s bridal, overstock, Dillard’s and Bloomingdales.

While there are many guidelines that should be considered, today we will talk about choosing the right style of dress according to your body type. So, let’s get started!

formal dresses for women

Ball gowns

Ball gowns are considered to be one of the best women formal dresses and the most preferred by women who want to don the perfect princess gown on their wedding or any other formal event like a prom dance. A ball gown embodies a fitted bodice followed by a full puffy skirt with long sleeves. But now cream and white sleeveless formal dresses have also become a hot favorite among women. And if you are someone with a large and extra-large dress size, having more weight down towards the hips and thighs, then a ball gown will be apt for you to cover up the bulky side.

Mermaid style

Next up is the shape that turns you into a sexy fish in no time! Confused? We are talking about the mermaid formal dresses. If you are confident enough to pull off something that shows off your curvy figure, then we suggest you to go for a scarlet red or champagne pink formal dress for your wedding. It is perfect for slender body types having fine curves with a flat waist, as the mermaid gown is outlined against the upper body and then starts flowing out around the knees.

Empire gowns

Are you someone with a small bust and dress size small to medium? Then an empire gown is the choice for you! The waist line of an empire gown starts from right below the bust, floating into a skirt which glides on the hips slightly dropping down on the floor. Quite a slide, we must say! This gorgeous formal dress is suitable for a variety of body types but mainly for those who do not have heavy bosoms. Our formal dresses for women are very beautiful.

A-line shape

The A-line shaped dresses, often known as princess formal dresses do not have a definite waist line to it. The dress drops vertically straight from the shoulders towards the flowing skirt creating the perfect ‘A’ shape. So if you are someone who carries more weight in the middle section of the body then a wedding gown with an A line silhouette will be a good choice for you.

Not only USA but these basic styles for a women formal dress are popular around Argentina, Australia, UK, Ireland and many other countries. So take these essentials into account and choose your wedding gown wisely! Our formal dresses for women will rock your world!

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