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Beautiful Fitted Dresses
Modern trends come and go but what remains a mystery to most modern women is the plethora of dress codes that are detailed in formal event invitation cards. What is business casual supposed to mean? Should you just pair a silk blouse with jeans and call it a day? Will you look too formal in a gold fitted dress? The answer to that question, or rather this mystery, will be solved today, though this articles which lays down the basic rules of every code imaginable.

Black Tie
A black tie event requires formal dressing, preferably the epitome of fashion or fitted dresses. Cocktail length are also allowed if you are feeling less formal or sleek and more chic. Wear a floor length gown with sleeves in dark colors like black, ebony or navy blue and pair it with fancy jewelry and high heels.
Black Tie Optional
A black tie optional code is, you guessed it, not too casual and no the optional word is there to confuse you. You should still wear something formal like a formal evening gown or a fitted one like a bandage dress or a cocktail. You can also choose to wear a girly tuxedo or silk pantsuits that are all the rage nowadays and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss are seen rocking them at most events.
Business Casual
The trick with this code is too look classy, dressed-up but not too formal and uptight. Think about what you would normally wear to your office such as a nude fitted dress and pair it with a dressy piece of clothing such as a sparkling jacket. However, make sure that you don’t show too much skin ad that its not provocative.
Business Formal
If you have ever seen the Duchess of Cambridge dressed up, you can easily get this type of dress code right because she is the ultimate queen of business formal dressing. Her stylist and have perfected her style for royal appearances and you can take a cue or two from her. She is a fan of wearing monochromatic fitted dress with a knee-high length. Make sure that your fitted dress is in a subdued color like aqua, mint green, plum, black, cream, white smoke and burgundy and that it is perfectly tailored to fit your form. Always wear heels with this style look. Many brands like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue have an amazing collection of fitted dresses that will be perfect for these occasions.

This is one of the dress codes, which women relate closely to. Going to brunch with your mom? Having drinks with your friends? Or attending your niece’s birthday party? All of these occasions call for a dress that looks faltering on you, but is comfortable and easy to move around in. Choose something that suits your personality. You can choose jeans and top combination, a maxi dress or a fitted dress with a light jacket or a cotton plaid shirt with rolled sleeves worn on top of it. However, for casual don’t go to extreme lengths to get the dress tailored. If you are a size 5, choose size 6 fitted dresses to ensure that you are comfortable in them enough to run errands.