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Street style stars are celebrities in their own right and have the power to make or unmake a trend by sheer power of publicity and their fan following. An outfit worn by a street style star is seen and liked millions and thousands of followers who take their fashion dresses sense from their mentors. Before the fashion week begins, street styles, fashionistas, fashion bloggers and chic show attendees, make an effort to ready themselves or the most exclusive events in the world and to rub shoulders with celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Diane Aragon and Chloe Sevigne.

However, preparations for fashion week doesn’t just entail getting a facial and packing their suitcases with the most imaginative outfits they can think of, but they are also readying themselves to influence the fashion dresses sense of the entire world and not just major countries like United States, France, Italy and Germany. Trend making purchasers, fashion editors, high profile bloggers and street style stars take fashion week very seriously.

It’s not only an occasion to get dressed up, but also to project their dress sense to the rest of the world. Selecting a dress for is a time consuming and complicated endeavor, one that takes skill and a lot of public relations capability. Their efforts pay off in the form of insider tickets and exclusive pieces and designs from the top designers and fashion houses that are ripped straight from the runways. They are seen wearing designs that make their debut just a couple days before anyone else is able to get their hands on them. So how do they do it? Why do these non-celebrities enjoy such privileges? How are they able to borrow such exclusive and coveted pieces from dress designers?

The answer to that is simple. Brands are themselves eager to give them their newly minted clothes because they have the power to launch a trend due to their huge public following. Street styling is a form of personal expression and an interpretation of personal dress sense. So, when street style stars borrow a piece to wear it, they are putting their reputation and their name behind the trend or the dress designer, thus giving it legitimacy.

The organic process of borrowing clothes is based on PR. The better interpersonal and networking relationship a street style star has, the better clothes will be seen on their svelte bodies. A star, who has a widely established circuit of PR, enjoys the privilege or borrowing one-of-a-kind, unique fashion dresses or an off the runway fashion dress right after it debuts. Daniel Saynt, Executive Vice President of digital Nylon  explains, “The brand can pay for the influencer to wear specific items in the hopes of being a part of street style coverage, whether it’s in a publication like Nylon, on The Sartorialist or [to be shot by] Tommy Ton.”

The sample clothes are usually size 2 fashion dress to size 4 dress. After they are done being photographed and the fashion week is over, these stars send these pieces right back to where they belong. Most street style bloggers are also excited to try out straight off the runway styles, because they usually don’t make it to commercial production and are unique. Wearing them is a wonderful opportunity, one that they cherish above all.