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Best Evening Wear Dresses

The Met Gala is an event for fashionistas and people all over the world have their eyes on what the celebrities are going to wear every year. Most of the times the stars don’t disappoint and wear customized couture creations that leave fashion critics with a gaping mouth. Fashionistas all over US, as well as in other countries such as Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and Russia are clamoring to get their hands on similar styled evening wear dresses.

This year the theme for Met Gala, 2016 was Manus x Machina, to celebrate the age of technology that we live in and to also welcome the futuristic age our fashion industry is entering. Say hello to weird hand props (hello Zain Malik) and bleached brows! Although most looks could not be copied by people living in cities like Houston, Chicago, New York City and even Los Angeles, there were some evening wear dresses that provide ample inspiration to fashionistas all over the world to get themselves draped in these evening wear dresses for the next event.

Her are our top picks!

Taylor Swift

Taylor wore a bright silver metallic fitted dress and paired it with knee-high gladiator heels. With newly platinum blonde hair, she looked ready to take on the world. This futuristic robot-edgy look can be easily followed by buying evening wear dresses from Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor and Seventeen, who have a collection of sizes ranging from small, large and XL.

Anna Wintour

She is the reigning queen of Vogue and her cream Chanel regal evening wear dress did not disappoint. Fringed at the base, the evening wear dresses was wreathed in golden accents. It didn’t looked too cohesive with the theme. But hey! She is the editor of Vogue and who are we to contest her dressing sense. Get an inspiration from her and choose a dress in cream, pale pink, nude or go for a bridal look and invest in a long evening wear dress in white.

Lupita Nyong’o

If you are a fan of gold evening wear dresses or silver evening wear dresses, you will love Lupita Nyong’o choice of attire for this year’s Met Gala. Her sparkling pale green evening wear dress was on point and fitted the criteria of the theme and accentuated her figure. It also added drama to the red carpet due to its long train.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi is one of the newer generations of supermodels, who are not only beautiful and sexy but also privileged. Gigi didn’t disappoint her fans and attired herself in a mermaid evening wear dresses in pale gray with sparkling bodice and  looked like an android robot come to life.

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If you like looking ethereal or more like a royal princess, Lorde is your new best fashion buddy. Her pale white evening wear dresses with ruffled accents and spaghetti straps and a v-neckline were perfectly paired with diamond jewelry and suited her pale complexion and broody personality. The floor length evening wear dress was dramatic and beautiful beyond belief.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer ahs a great sense of humor and she proves that she has an abundance of fashion sense as well. Her cherry red dress stopped everyone in their tracks and blinded the cameras of the paparazzi that war present at the Met Gala, 2016. The cleavage-baring neckline and chained straps held the sexy evening wear dress and made her look confident, sexy and gorgeous.