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Best Evening Dresses For Weddings

Have you been invited to a summer wedding and you are unsure about what to wear to the most anticipated occasion? Dressing up for a summer wedding is tricky but don’t worry, for this blog post will walk you through with the most popular choices of gorgeous evening dresses for weddings.

evening dresses for weddings

Basic Code of Dressing for a Summer Wedding

Whenever a wedding invitation arrives at your doorstep, people are excited about who, where and when and do not really deliberate over what to wear to the wedding. There are a lot of stipulations that come along with summer wedding dresses.

  • Never wear white evening dresses unless the bride specifically requests you to.
  • Don pastel colored evening dresses for weddings.
  • Wear sandals and open-toed shoes but keep the heels for the reception (heels are not suitable for beach weddings or garden receptions)
  • Dress yourself in short sized sleeveless wedding evening dresses.

Dressing Elegantly for a Summer Wedding

Dress according to the time and place

The key to dressing appropriately for a summer wedding is that you give the time and venue some consideration. Afternoon weddings are casual so there is nothing wrong with donning a beautiful pastel skirt or summer sundress for the wedding. Pair the undress with chic heels or fancy wedges. However, if the wedding is at dusk, then it is more suitable to wear a knee length beautiful chiffon or satin cocktail dress or a sleeveless long sexy evening dress for weddings. Always dress according to the time and place. You may want to take a pashmina or a lightweight shawl around for the air conditioning will be functioning on minimum temperature limits.

Wear breathable fabric

Wear fabric that feels like feather and is airy and breathable. Chiffon evening dresses for weddings are the best for the hot and clammy weather of San Diego, Orlando, Laredo, and Toledo in the United States. You may even consider wearing satin, silk, linen and even cotton dresses to a summer wedding.

Choose the color of evening dresses for summer wedding wisely

Nowadays, several weddings follow a theme. Some of the colors that you can choose for your summer evening gowns for a wedding are:

  1. Aquamarine

The coolness of the greenish blue hues of aquamarine will make you look gorgeous in the beautiful evening dress at the summer wedding.

  1. Pink

Pink has been a favorite color of bridesmaids from all corners of the world. Whether the bridesmaids are from England, Ireland or Australia, North America, Asia or even Africa- they mostly prefer pink evening dresses for weddings.

  1. Lavender

The flattering shades of lavender and orchid are still in fashion for summer evening dresses for weddings in 2016/2017.

  1. Peach

Peach evening dresses for summer weddings will bring a dusty effect. The best part about this shade is that it looks fantastic on people with all body types. So bridesmaids having any size from 0-24 will look outstanding in peach summer dresses.

  1. Silver

A sleeveless chiffon silver evening dress with a scalloped neckline will be perfect to wear on a summer wedding. Wearing a chic silver evening dress for weddings from New York Dresses, Dillards or Bloomingdales will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.