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Best European Prom Dresses
In Europe, prom is referred with different names in the various countries. It is celebrated in different times of the years as well – in Belgium and Netherlans, prom is called Chrysostomos, Bulgaria calls it Abiturientski bal, Ireland calls it débutantes’ ball while Britain and France call it prom only. No matter which part of Europe you hail from, European prom dresses are the most versatile and bold as compared to the rest of the world. But plus size females, even from this region have difficulty in choosing what to wear to the prom. Here are some tips for you to dress fabulously and boldly for your high school 2016/2017 prom.

1.      Wear Smaller Patterns and Vertical Stripes
You can accentuate your features just by dressing in an intelligent manner. Go for a sleeveless spring prom dress with small patterns or a winter prom dress with vertical or diagonal patterns.
2.     Fearlessly Don a Strapless Prom Dress
Prom dresses in Europe without straps are quite popular and there is no reason why curvy women cannot wear a plus size strapless prom dress. Wear the strapless dress with a bra having plastic gripper strips and molded cups. Full coverage bras are expensive but they won’t fall even if you are dancing with you beau!
3.     Wear a Prom Dress with Straps
If you are wearing a prom dress with straps, it is economical to buy a dress with thicker straps so that you may wear your regular bra for additional support. Why pay surplus amounts for an expensive strapless bra when you can manage without it just as well? Such dresses are comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Go for a pleated long prom dress with straps and thigh length slits.
4.     Embrace the Flirty Prom Dress Trend
European prom dresses are more audacious and revealing than the American and Canadian prom wear. Voluptuous females can go for a flirty short prom dress. A complete sleeveless top coverage dress with a hemline ending at thighs is just as cool as a long maxi dress!
5.     Wear Flowing Fabrics
Full-figured women should wear a fabric that’s flowing and drapes your curvy body like satin or silk do. Heavily embellished fabric is not recommended. Wear dark colors like violet and black to obscure unflattering body parts but there is no impairment in wearing yellow, orange, pink, and green prom dresses. But be wary that you have to stick to the darker shade.
6.     Create illusions
Voluminous females can create illusions with A-line dress and ball gowns. Females with a thick waist should go for a diagonal waistline. Sweetheart shaped halter top prom dresses are best for females that have large busts.

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