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Best Dresses For Wedding Guests

Weddings are fun to attend and great for socializing. You see two people tying the knot and professing their love in front of the people that know and love them. It’s not just a spectacle and combination of good food, dancing and cake. It can be a perfect interpretation of how love can bring together two souls and join them together for a lifetime. However, when you think about shopping for dresses for weddings, it can be quite overwhelming.

When you go shopping for your dress for a wedding, you will find that there are different colors available for you to choose from; pink, red, blue, gold and silver to name a few. There is fine line between dressing to impress at a wedding and trying too hard to upstage the bride. In a constant anxiety to not do the latter, you end up looking simpler than you intended.

dresses for wedding guests

However, there is a trick to choosing your dress for a wedding. If you have a wedding coming up, this post will help you to choose the right shade of dress for you:

Think About the Wedding Theme and Surroundings

Is it a garden wedding, a beach wedding or simply a courthouse marriage? Choosing a dress depending on the location is the best way to narrow down your choices. If it is a beach wedding, choosing sexy dresses for weddings in colors like aqua, ice blue, cobalt, turquoise and mint green is the best option. However, if it’s a garden wedding, then choose popular dresses for wedding guests in colors like deep fuchsia, lavender, cinnamon, coral, artichoke, shamrock, rose, mauve or tangerine.
Darker and brighter colors like chestnut brown, dark purple and navy blue will work better in an indoor setting, like a chapel wedding, a courthouse meet up or a formal hotel reception. Moreover, the color of the dresses for wedding guests can also be determined by the time of the ceremony. If it is in the evening or later, opt for darker or shimmery shades like gold and silver. However, if it is in the daytime, opt for pastels. The place of the ceremony will also determine the length of dresses for wedding guests and how formal you will need to go with the silhouette and cut.

Dress Coordination
If you are allowed to bring a plus one, color coordinate with your partner. Moreover, if you are going with a girl, switch up the shades in favor of the same or similar style in your dresses for wedding. You can wear either the same color or the same styles depending on how eclectic you want to look. Moreover, if you are going with a man, try to coordinate with his tie or even socks!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Accessorizing
Are you weighing your options on whether you should wear a hat to the garden wedding or a choker to a church wedding? Are you afraid that you will stand out from the crowd and not in a good way? Stop being afraid and embrace your personal style. Get ready to flaunt the accessories with your gorgeous dress for the wedding. All celebrities and fashionistas do it and for good reason. The right accessories can elevate your beautiful dress for a wedding to the level of the red carpet.