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Best Dresses For Less

Armani, Versace, Prada; all these designer brands make us miss a heartbeat when we see their amazing collections. But unfortunately, we can’t afford a dent of thousands of dollars for a dress. So we have to resort to tips and tricks to stretch the dollar and still have a fighting chance at buying designer dresses for less. Here is how you can satisfy your high end tastes without having to reach too deep in your pockets.

 Umbrella Brands

All the designer brands have umbrella brands like their capsule collections, bridge-lines and low-cost brands. You can buy designer dresses for less from these umbrella brands. You can easily find such branded dresses for less in New York, Sao Paulo, Florida, Chicago, Mexico and Montreal.

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Wait for the Sales

Whenever the stores are updating their stock, they put the previous collections on sale to make space for fresh collections. Usually, dresses for less in all sizes 1 to 23 are available in sales. Even if they aren’t, you can make a different choice among the many options. The color variation is also quite vast with dark red, pink, emerald greed, fuchsia, forest green as well as ocean blue dresses. So going for a shopping spree during sales is a very reasonable option.

Off-Season Discounts

You can make great use of off-season discounts by purchasing summer collection 2016 dresses for less when winter 2016 is launched. This way when the prices are low on the previous collection, you can save up extra bucks and take advantage of the discount. Trust me when I say this: It really doesn’t kill if you are not wearing a dress from the latest collection.

Sponsored Shopping

No, this is not a dream, this actually happens! If you are in the right channels, you can get sponsored for your shopping as well. It mostly happens in the fashion and media industry alone but if you are lucky enough, you can have a chance at it too.

Rent It

A lot of low tier brands allow customers to rent their dresses for less but high end brands also offer such gallantry to specific types of customers. This obviously works out for marketing purposes, but hey! What have we got to lose? It’s highly unlikely that you will wear the dress more than once. Renting a dress costs much less and if you are a social butterfly and don’t like to repeat the dresses; then this is a very convenient option.


You can always exchange your dresses with your friends and try out theirs. This (most probably) will not cost much. A lot of second hand stores also exchange items. So if you are bored of the Prada dress you bought last season, you can easily exchange it with a new dress for less at a thrift store.

You can save a lot of you hard earned money if you carefully weigh your options and shop smartly. Terani Couture is also offering great dresses for less in their old and new collections. So go ahead and visit them at https://teranicouture.com/