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Top Cut Out Dresses From Terani
Terani is known for having the best cut out dresses in the world. Need we say more about cut out dresses than the fact that supermodel Kendall Jenner rocked one at the Coachella 2016? This is one of those trends that have stayed over the years; in one form or the other based on the respective trends. But what makes the cut out dresses in 2016/2017 completely different than all the years before is how they are being experimented with.

Although cut out dresses are available in relatively lesser variety as compared to other designs at stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Lord and Taylor, their presence still hasn’t wavered at the runways and fashion shows. Be it the main runways such as that of New York or the high end events in fashion savvy cities such as Vegas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta; the cut out trend is quite visibly seen.

Read below for some basic tips as to how you may wear this quirky trend.

The Basic Cut
The central thing about a cutout dress is letting the design speak for itself. As such, a sparkly or lose fit cut out dress will not be able to make an impression since the limelight will be stolen by other details. The best option is to go for a body conscious or tight cut out dress so that the cuts are emphasized when you wear it. Also, mermaid style cutout outfit can also be opted for since it only gets flared at the knees below.

Color Options
Cut out dresses look the most chic is neutral and basic colors. Opting for a beige or black cutout dress is better than an electric blue as the color should let the design come out rather than overpower it. While you may go for any solid color, whether bright or understated, the neutral colors are better when it is solely the design you wish to emphasize upon.

If you visit the online outlets of the major departmental stores selling cutout dresses, you would see that the most popular cut out dresses are mostly available in blacks, whites and other neutrals.

Modest or Bold
The question of donning a bold and sexy cut out attire or a modest one depends on the nature of the occasion. For events such as high school and college graduations, going for sweet and simple cutout dresses would be better as compared to the relatively bolder ones you would usually wear to a ball or a formal evening out. It all depends on what kind of decorum the specific event requires you to maintain.

Generally, cut out dresses are worn with minimal accessorizing so as to let the sexy cutouts be in the limelight. But no accessorizing also tends to make the attire bland and tasteless. So if you have to, make sure that it doesn’t intervene with the essence of the dress itself. Completely avoid any kind of body jewelry such as chains worn around the waist or other similar accessories. Instead, opt for understated pieces such as pearly studs and a minimal necklace at the most.
While cutout wardrobe pieces will not be that abundantly found in relatively conservative regions such as Asia and Middle East for cultural connotations, in countries like US, UK, Australia, and Mexico, you will find this trend quite widely followed.