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Terani is known for providing the best cocktail dresses for wedding guests throughout the world. Rarely do weddings provide you the option to dress up as you would dress to a fun and frolic party. Usually, weddings are characterized by elements such as long dresses and sophisticated cuts, formal up-dos and neutral makeup. In the midst of all this, a cocktail wedding comes as breath of fresh air where you have so much to experiment with and so many things to do differently than a typical formal wedding.

When it comes to cocktail dresses for wedding guests, there are a few easily followed pro-tips that can help you, as wedding guests, to rise up to the ‘cocktail attire’ game at your best. There are a number of cocktail dresses for wedding guests widely available in fashion departmental stores such as Davids Bridal, Macktak, New York dress and Saks Fifth Avenue across the country. Whether you hail from New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco among others, the following tips will help you a great deal in making the right choice.

Cocktail attire is defined by its insistence on using only the brighter side of the color spectrum. While you cannot wear too bright or neon colored cocktail dresses, you still have to ditch the typical wedding neutrals like beige, grey and blues. Instead, go for colors like magenta, deep red, indigo, orange or lime colored cocktail dresses for wedding guests, among many others.

When it comes to cuts, you have to let go of the floor sweeping gowns and pick up the short cocktail dresses You can either opt for the common fit and flare short cocktail dress for wedding guests or go for the body conscious ones as well. Based on your body type, an asymmetrical knee-length tube cocktail dress or sleeveless thigh-length belted cocktail dress for wedding guests are better options. Keep in mind that the length should be no lower than the knees, because it kills the cocktail look otherwise.

Fabrics also play a major part in how your cocktail attire looks ultimately. Cocktail dresses are better worn in relatively structured fabrics such as satin, firm lace, organza and other similar ones. Weighted fabrics like chiffon and Georgette etc have more fall than is required in a cocktail dress, which renders them ineffective for this kind of attire. As such, opting for relatively shinier and structured fabrics will have your cocktail wedding guest dress stand out. Don’t forget to briefly go through the cocktail wedding trends of fall-winter and spring-summer 2016/17, which will give a clearer idea regarding cuts, colors and fabrics.

As far as makeup and hairdo are concerned, what’s preferable is to let your hair down in their natural form without outing them through too much treatment. A few loose curls are more than enough for the right cocktail hairdo because it has to look easy going and party-like instead of an overly made-up formal one. When it comes to makeup, go for only one stand out element and let the rest be neutral. If you are opting for dark eyes, keep the cheeks and lips naturally glowing with peaches and pinks. On the other hand, darker lips are better complemented with natural eyes and transparent glow on the face.

Whichever region of the world you may live in from Australia to America, Europe to Asia, or Africa to America, you can easily emulate these pro-tips pertaining to cocktail dressing for wedding guests while inculcating your personal taste in them.