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Bridal Reception Dresses

Terani is known for having the best bridal reception dresses in the world.

Our wedding bridal reception dresses are stunning! Weddings, over the years, have seen countless brides changing into a different dress for their reception. The trend has been around for a while, but one does not see brides following it religiously. Investing in a bridal reception dress is largely a matter of choice, and if you wish to sport two different looks on your wedding day, here are a few tips to help you get it right:
Track Your Budget
Two dresses for the same day? You’ve got to keep track on your spending. There’s no point in splurging over a pricey bridal reception dress when you’re already buying a posh one for the ceremony. In the end however, it all ends at how much you’re willing to spend. You can find exclusive bridal reception dresses starting at $100. There’s no rule for the “right amount” as long as the dress you pick is exactly what you wanted.
Keep it Short
Take the liberty to look as different as you can from your wedding ceremony look. Go for a short dress for your bridal reception. Brides usually stick to white and ivory when they look for a bridal dress for reception – they’ve got to look like the bride all along after all. But, if you can think of other colors, we say go ahead with it to add a hint of your personality to the look.
Take Your Time to Change
Wear your bridal gown for as long as you can. It’s your wedding day, and your wedding gown deserves all the limelight it can get. Plus, you wouldn’t be wearing that dress again any way. We suggest you wait till the time you’re ready to let your hair loose and get the party going on the dance floor all night. This will give you ample time to sport both your dresses in addition to some fantastic photographs in them.
Are You Comfortable?
You need to make sure the bridal reception dress you pick is comfortable. It shouldn’t be too tight to restrict your movements when you put your dancing shoes on – and don’t even look at the loose fitting reception dresses. Get the perfect fit, something that is your size and style. Your comfort should be your top priority. Think what you’d look like fidgeting in a dress that’s irritating you!
Think Long Term
You obviously wouldn’t wear your wedding gown again, but it doesn’t have to be that way for your bridal reception dress. When you’re sifting through the stunning collections of reception dresses, look for something you can wear more than once; maybe at your best friend’s wedding rehearsal, or at a formal evening event – something not too bridal.

Like we mentioned before, a bridal reception dress is not really a compulsion. You can spend the entire day in your wedding dress, or surprise the guests by changing into a gorgeous dress for the reception; it’s entirely up to you. If you think you might want to wear something different after the exchange of vows, start looking through the collection of bridal reception dresses available at all bridal stores across the United States. Terani has the best bridal reception dresses in the world.

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