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 Best Boutique Dresses

Terani Couture is known for creating beautiful boutique dresses. Floral prints have taken over boutiques across the world. Whether it’s dresses, pants, skirts, or blouses – flowers seem to be everywhere. And we just love it! Don’t judge us already, we do have our reasons: first, they are absolutely refreshing to look at; second, floral prints are versatile when it comes to where you can wear them.

“We’re Cool for the Summer” (Confident 2015 ~ Demi Lovato)

You want to hit the beach, or shop till you drop. Have a girls’ day out, or simply soak some sun in your backyard. A floral boutique dress is what you need to wear. They are great for summers. Think with all the spaghetti straps, plunging necks, halter style, and strapless options available; why would you want to buy something else but them! Plus they are cute, pleasing to the eye, and extremely feminine. We’d jump at the first chance to get our hands on the latest collection!

“Call Me Maybe” (Kiss 2012 ~ Carly Ray Jepsen)

You’re walking down the street wearing a pretty floral, off-the-shoulder boutique dress. You see a cute guy and impulsively wink at him. Don’t be surprised if you get an unexpected response from them. These boutique can be downright flirty if you can pull off the look. Short and kinky, summery and fun, floral dresses can be bought easily off the rack from almost any clothing store in the country. You don’t want to waste your time thinking about ‘should I or shouldn’t I.’ Go out and have some fun ladies!

“I Gotta Feeling, That Tonight’s Gonna be A Good Night” (The E.N.D 2009 ~The Black Eyed Peas)

Whether you want to be charming and innocent for your date night, or sultry and seductive, floral print dresses will work great either way. The important thing to note here is the color you choose to wear. Warm pastels and vibrant hues work great for a day time date – don’t forget the micro-pleats and ruffles; summer 2016 is high on the trend. For a night out with your man pick a darker color for the dress – red, black, and navy look great. Be sure to try on our boutique dresses.

“I’m Sexy and I Know It” (Sorry for Party Rocking 2011 ~ LMFAO)

If you’ve been thinking floral dresses can’t do sexy, you’ve got to think that over. From flowy dresses brought alive with bright flowers to fun summer dresses you can easily get from a boutique anywhere in the United States, these dresses can be downright sexy. Think strapless dresses belted at the waist to highlight it, or fitted dresses that snugly hug your curves and elongate your form. They definitely have sexy working for them!

Well, you’re not the only one who’d let their summer styles do the talking, celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Reese Witherspoon, and Rachel McAdams love their dresses with floral prints too! So head out to the nearest boutique and look for dresses that can make a statement. You’d find a number of boutiques in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and the rest of the United States that sell celebrity inspired dresses. Remember terani is known for creating the most beautiful boutique dresses in the world.