Blue Sweet 16 Dresses 2017-2018

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Best Blue Sweet 16 Dresses

blue sweet 16 dresses

We have the best blue sweet 16 dresses. There is significance to turning 16 that no other birthday can have. Which is why most teenagers are excited about their sweet 16 parties. This can either be a small gathering to mark the milestone that you have reached or be a huge bash with tons of friend and family invited to chip in and help you have a good day on your 16th birthday celebrations. Irrespective of the party, as a girl you are likely to be the most enthusiastic about the blue sweet 16 dresses that you’d get a chance to wear.

A dress though on its own will not make you look like a princess that you deserve to look like. Even the best blue sweet 16 dresses fall short if they aren’t paired with the right accessories to complement the dress and make it worth the wait to turn 16.

This blog highlights some of the advice on accessories to pair with your choice of dress from among a number of blue sweet 16 dresses.

The Make Up

This is an important part of your overall look and cannot be ignored. Make up helps formalize your visit to a party and the extent of makeup you use should depend on the occasion you are going to. Blue sweet 16 dresses will typically pair well with heavy makeup that brings more attention to your face and your dress. However you need to realize that there is a thin line between attention grabbing make up and clown like make up. Make sure you refrain from using bright colors because they can minimize the beauty of your dress.


This one accessory that girls just cannot do without and most importantly, your choice of handbags can either make or break your dress. The best handbags for blue sweet 16 dresses are those that are black, metallics, multicolored with a tinge of blue somewhere in it or nude ones. However the choice of handbags needs to be coordinated with jewelry. If the jewelry is multicolored the handbag cannot be and vice versa.


What’s a dress for a formal occasion or a party if it isn’t paired with the right kind of jewelry? There are two ways that jewelry can be utilized with blue sweet 16 dresses. You can either create a color block effect using contrasting jewel stones or go ahead with using simple jewelry that works well with the dress, letting it shine through. Typically, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cocktails can add a sleek and stylish look to your dress.


You can’t go into party wearing funny looking shoes, much less go into the party barefooted. As a fashionista who has just turned 16 you need to be elegant and exciting using Nude shoes can help you create that allure. On blue sweet 16 dresses this can create a flattering long silhouette and lean look. If you are out of options, the safest bet is a black shoe since it goes with almost everything.

Accessories form an important part of party dresses.

If you live in America— whether its South America, Alberta, Winnipeg, Edmonton, British Columbia, Toronto or Quebec, or Phoenix, Baltimore, Boston, Newark, Houston or Toledo—blue is the celebrated color choose blue and turn heads.