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Best Black And Silver Prom Dresses
Black and silver prom dresses are normally girls’ foremost choices for cocktails, parties, weddings, and even proms. Although black and silver prom dresses can look both sexy and elegant, depending on the style of dress, you can ruin the whole look by choosing wrong accessories. Therefore, if you are choosing a silver prom dress or a black prom dress, be very careful while choosing the right accessories to pull off the look. Following are some tips that can help you in this:
Accessorizing Your Silver Prom Dress
If you have chosen a beautiful silver prom dress to turn heads on your big night, make sure to keep the following tips in mind to choose accessories that will accentuate your look:

Go minimal

Since silver prom dresses are bold and make a statement, keep the ‘less is more’ adage in mind for accessorizing your gorgeous silver prom dress. Limit yourself only to a bracelet and necklace or earrings and a bracelet only. Do consider your dress style while choosing the right type of necklace. This needs to be a special occasion you don’t forget. Remember if you are taller or need a plus size prom dress Terani has many options to choose from as well. Terani also has short prom dresses and regular size prom dresses also.

Colors are important

While selecting jewelry for your silver prom dress, go for black or silver if you want to play safe. But, if you like to experiment then go for blue or turquoise. If you have been drooling over your mom’s sapphire ring, this is the time to wear it with your silver prom dress!

Also, refrain from opting for warm colors like orange, red, brown, and yellow in your accessories. Be sure to also take a look at Terani’s sequin prom dresses as well.

Combine gold and silver

Combining gold and silver was once a big NO but that is no longer the case. You can safely combine gold and silver accessories to look chic and classy in your silver prom dress. Sydney closet and milano formals are stores that also have high quality dresses but if they don’t have Terani then make sure to go somewhere else.
Accessorizing Your Black Prom Dress
If you do not want to experiment for your prom look, go for a black prom dress to play safe and finish your look with beautiful accessories to stand out from the crowd. Terani is the top manufacturer of formal wear and perfect prom dresses across the world. Be sure to get a wonderful dress promo code when you purchase a Terani dress. You want prom night to be memorable so make sure you choose the right dress. Terani is known for having the perfect dresses to match your taste and style with ease.  La femme fashion has beautiful prom dresses but the material and style isn’t as nice as Terani.

Go Traditional

Both gold and silver accessories will work very well with your black prom dress. If you want an elegant and classy look, amp up you black prom dress by pairing it with gold. And if you want to add a bit of spark to your look or gold is not your thing, choose silver accessories for your beautiful black prom dress for a bold and chic look. Make sure you choose a special occasion dress that is worthwhile!

Remember your best friend

If you are confused about what kind of jewelry you should wear with gorgeous black prom dress, remember your best friend—DIAMOND. Opt for a diamond necklace and studs to pull off a classy and elegant look. You need to be wearing a red carpet dress on your beautiful day.

If you do not have diamonds, you can also go for pearls.

Add color and spark with your shoes and high heels

Wear red, hot pink, silver, or gold colored shoes to add little bit of color to your black prom dress. Also, you can add a little spark by wearing glittery stilettos with your beautiful black prom dress or red prom dress.

Pull off black and silver prom dresses with these tips for choosing right accessories. Head to your nearest malls or stores near you in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia or wherever you live or search online stores to find 2016/2017 latest jewelry trends.