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If we talk about making style statements, the 1930’s was particularly a defining decade with amazing dresses and trends. Feminine fashion was completely different than that in the 20s and mostly spoke of elegance. Here is a list of Terani’s special dresses for women, cute dresses, beautiful dresses.

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Make sure you check out Terani to see where you can get your beautiful dress. Since Terani is the one-stop shop for beautiful dresses it makes sense to look for who carries our dress on our website.Time and again, designers and fashionistas recreate the look to make an impactful appearance. Let’s see what exactly it takes to create a 1930s-inspired dress and how can you recreate that look for your social events.

The Fabrics

In the 1930s, geometric patterns and abstract prints were very common. By the end of the 1930s, silk was in trend and flowers and bows made out of various fabrics were often part of evening gowns. Rayon and wool were also very common in this period, and with the arrival of nylon towards the end of the decade, the trend of wearing silk also died. You can buy cloth with polka dots, symmetric patterns, and abstract strokes to make beautiful dresses for women, petite womens suits, out of it.

You can also play with all these fabrics and create different looks for informal as well as formal social gatherings. For example, on New Year’s Eve, you can wear a beautiful dress that will make you look beautiful regardless of what hairstyle you choose. Our dresses are truly red carpet ready and made just for you. We have dresses for women, and cute dresses, waiting for you to try to wear to your red-carpet-ready special occasion.

The Colors

The colors used in the 1930s were of very different palettes than those prevalent in the 20s. There was no restriction, as deep and dull both kinds of colors were very much popular. So taking that into consideration, you can select softer colors like light peach, off-white, and apple green dresses as well as amazing dresses in red, dark blue, and tangerine.

Our classy dresses for women or amazing prom dresses come in all different colors and sizes as well at affordable prices, and you get the option to select like you can try their two-piece dresses, which gives a chance to show off your stunning hourglass figure. You can also pick their mermaid dresses, wherein you get the chance to be part of the crowd, but stand out with the choice of the dress that you pick.

The Cuts

This is the most important part to consider as the 1930s are distinguished because of their cuts and sewing style. The overall appearance was very neat and sophisticated. The clothes were generally kept unrevealing or less, so they didn’t show much of the figure. On the other side, these amazing dresses had hemlines and midriff cuts that gave a flowy look to the skirt. You can also go for a sleek look with puffed sleeves and a cinched waistline. This will give you a look of elegance and sophistication. The evening dresses had more embellishments and old necklines. They were often decorated with fabric flowers, silk, and lace accents around the waist. Make sure that your evening dresses are long and flowy, with a sensual focus on the waist and torso. These cuts will work out for girls for usual dress sizes 0 to 6 as well as sizes 8 and above because they are not generic.

Many countries still have these fashion trends alive in many social gatherings which are periodically themed. So you can find 1930s-inspired amazing prom dresses, amazing dresses, whether you live in the USA, France, Australia, the UK, New York, London, Paris, or Milan.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can try to recreate amazing dresses themed for the 1930s to make a mark for yourself. If you are looking for a one-stop shop to find 1930s-inspired dresses, then contact Terani Couture at You will definitely find the right dress from our amazing collections. Make sure you choose from the right special occasion dresses for your special events.